hasty climbers have sudden falls

a 1439 J. LYDGATE Fall of Princes (EETS) III. 953 The wheel of Fortune tourneth as a ball; Sodeyn clymbyng axeth a sodeyn fall.

c 1511 S. HAWES Comfort of Lovers (1975) A4 Clymbe not to fast, lest sodenlye ye slyde.

1592 R. GREENE Repentance in Works XII. 158 For a yong man led on by selfe will... Hee forseath not that such as clime hastely fall sodainely.

1605 Capt. Thomas Stukeley D1 But there are many daungers by the way, and hastie climers quicklie catch a fall.

1616 N. BRETON Crossing of Proverbs II. A4 Hasty climbers haue sodaine falls... Not if they sit fast.

1869 C. H. SPURGEON John Ploughman’s Talk xix. Hints as to thriving... Hasty climbers have sudden falls.

1987 Daily Telegraph 27 Apr. 12 The ambition to send spaceships to the red planet reminds me of the old saying: ‘Hasty climbers quickly catch a fall.’

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